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Kana made an appearance on Teretō ongaku-sai today! She sang: Kimitte and  Moshimo Unmei no Hito ga Iru no Nara.

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Wow!! I can’t believe this site made 10,000+ visits~ 😀 I want to start off by thank you the dedicated Nishino Kana fans and family members for visiting as often as you do. I know that everyone can’t read this blog because it’s all in English. So it’s generally difficult to understand but I plan to change that one day, so that everyone can read and enjoy! With that being said, I know that I can go MIA for very long periods of time, usually due to school, work or stress but you still continue to come back to this site, it truly means a lot to me!
Moreover, I want to thank my host, who has been hosting this site for a little while now, they have never given me any problems or had any severe downtime, and for that I’m grateful.

All in all, I hope to continue giving you all more news, photos and information on our princess, Nishino Kana. So please continue to check back soon ♥

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Please note that I am not fluent in Japanese, at best, my knowledge is at an intermediate level, with that please bear with me! If you see any mistakes or grammatical errors please comment below or in the Chatbox with what mistake(s) I made and I will correct it promptly. ♥

The entry:
Official Facebook page ☆ with LOVE tour
Posted: 06.21.2015 // 07:17 PM

Today is the with Love Tour @ Hiroshima Green Arena!
I drink a cup of freshly squeezed vegetable juice before a performance, it gives me strength!
And today, since I’m in responsible for SMA GIRLS “Today’s Favorite” [section] please be sure to check it out ♪.

The entry:
SMA GIRLS WEBPAGE ☆ 06.21.2015

Nishino Kana
It’s kind of early for red lips, but I still will incorporate it when autumn is here♡
I tried to match my nails with it ♪
Its a versatile item (red lipstick) that can go from casual to chic!

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Jelly August

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A preview of Torisetsu can be heard in a short clip presenting the movie, Heroine Shikkaku on NTV’s morning show, Zip. Watch below!

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KANA CHANNEL Vol.31 is out! It premiered today 6/18.

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Yasss! Our girl Kana made #4 on the ranking of favorite female soloist nationwide~ ❤👑

Translated by Arama!Japan:

OnlyStar is a magazine owned by Oricon. They recently surveyed 400 people to measure the favorability of various male and female acts. These results were then broken down into 4 categories: female soloists, male soloists, female groups, and male groups.


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Kana will be hosting another KANA CHANNEL on 6/18, 20:00 JST (7 AM EST). This will be her 31th episode. Keep checking back for the video.

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Kana will be performing at this year’s, NTV – The Music Day concert.

Translated by Arama!Japan:

Popular broadcaster NTV have recently revealed a significant amount of information about their yearly summer music special “THE MUSIC DAY”.  The subtitle for this year’s show will be “Ongaku wa Taiyou da.” (“Music is the Sun”) and it will include the performance of over 100 songs during its 11 hour runtime.

The show is set to broadcast on July 4th at noon JST.

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4. Nishino Kana – Moshimo Unmei no Hito ga Iru no Nara

7. Nishino Kana – Moshimo Unmei no Hito ga Iru no Nara 16,801

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