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For the month of April, Kanayan will release a new song for Mezameshi TV. The song is entitled, Have a nice day! The song will serve as theme song for the show. It will be heard during the first week of April until the end of the month. Below is a video of the announcement along with a small speech from Kanayan herself requesting support and encouragement on this endeavor.

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Recently released was two snippets of Kanayan’s newest song, You & Me! One was the Koudaike no Hitobito commercial promoting the live action movie. For those of you who do not know, Koudaike no Hitobito is based on the manga with the same name. The plot is as followed:

A comedy that depicts the romance between a quiet, day-dreaming female employee named Hirano and Takadai, the handsome male upper-tier employee who just arrived from the New York branch. Despite having trouble talking with people, Hirano is suddenly invited to eat with Takadai for some reason.

The CM:

Unofficially, the news so far for the upcoming single is that it was written specifically for the movie. Its lyrics talks about how relationships are formed and how each person is different. Apparently, the main actress, Haruka Ayase, heard the song and loved it. Stating that it represented the main character’s feelings perfectly.

The film is to be released on June 4th, so fans are speculating that the single will be released sometime in late April or May. In the meantime be sure to listen to the 20-sec preview!

20 sec preview:

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Yo, every year I miss this shhh~!

Anyway, happy birthday to Queen K! Kanayan, Kana, Nishino-san, Kana-cake, how ever you say her name~ I hope you had an awesome birthday chica!
According to the pictures and reports, you’re currently on tour! I could not be more proud of you~ ♥ you went from small live appearances to full dome tours, you are truly doing your thing! Here’s to many more, I hope you enjoyed your day. Sorry for being late. Next year will be the year for sure 🙂

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The Nishino Family Secret Party items are for sell~ are you ready?

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Kanayan’s Madagascar vacation has been translated on her official site!

Hi everyone, did you all get to relax over the holidays??
I got some time off, so I thought I’d take the chance to write about my trip to Madagascar last year! With that being said, it’s been a while since the trip, so I’ll refresh my own memory with photos as I go along.

Click to see the full entry and others

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The tracklist for the with LOVE tour DVD has been released:



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Kana will embark on a nationwide tour entitled the “The Nishino Family Secret Party 2016 ~SPEED MATCH UP~. Tickets are for fan club members only. Ticket selection is chosen via lottery. The lottery will take place from January 16th to May 21st. A surprising addition to the set is that fans will have chance to play a quick round of trump with Kana on stage.

For more information:


Cute, quick video promoting the concert and “special” with Kanayan ♥

The Schedule

March 2nd, 3rd- (Fukuoka) Zepp Fukuoka
March 7th, 8th- (Tokyo) Zepp DiverCity
March 12th- (Sapporo) Zepp Sapporo
March 16th, 17th, 18th- (Osaka) Zepp Namba
March 23rd, 24th, 25th- (Nagoya) Zepp Nagoya
March 28th, 29th- (Tokyo) Zepp DiverCity


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with LOVE Tour DVD sets to be released on February 3rd!

“Features the final day of Kana Nishino’s “with LOVE tour” in 2015 held at Osaka-jo Hall. This edition includes special bonus video and comes with a photo book.” – CDJapan

Pre-order: Yesasia, HMV, CDJapan


Blu-Ray (limited edition)
1. Special footage of “Stand Up” from with LOVE tour
2. Official photo book
3. Original 3-way opening back jacket

*Comes in either DVD or Blu-ray


2 DVD set (Regular edition)

*Comes in either DVD or Blu-ray


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Ehat’s up with Kanayan this month?

  • Magazine set (Jan): Nicola, Anecan, andGIRL
  • Magazine set (Feb): nonno
  • Videos: CDTV New Year’s Eve Premium Live 2015 → 2016 (x), KANA CHANNEL Vol. 38 (x)
  • Photo set: Kohaku, Japan Record Award
  • Kana’s fortune was told through using her blood type and date of birth -> / Photoset
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    Here’s a quick preview of KANA CHANNEL VOL. 38 uploaded by a youtube user, Shure.

    » The video has been uploaded to our new Video Center, feel free to check it. (Even though it’s still being worked on)