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Kana performed, We Don’t Stop on NTV’s THE MUSIC DAY Ongaku no Chikara today!

THE MUSIC DAY 音楽のちから #8 by yume2

» Skip to ## for performance- 4:28
» Skip to ## for talk- 2:57

Super lovely as always~

&raqou; Kanayan will be performing on Music Station 7/25 with a Special Medley!
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Kana’s performance on NTV’s Music Dragon, 2014.06.13

Original Video – More videos at TinyPic

06/16- TV Tokyo Melodix
06/18- NTV Ichiban Uta Show (No.1 Song Show)
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Kana performed, We Don’t Stop on MUSIC JAPAN yesterday!

Original Video – More videos at TinyPic

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Since I never do lyrics and this site, I decided to dig and find lyrics for the We Don’t Stop single. All credits goes to it’s owners, in other words I didn’t transcribe these >.< !

k y

We Don’t Stop-
I wore my heels
and now I’m walking in my own way
With a little failure,
It has been found out that it wont be possible anymore

All the girls, let’s get wild and let’s get loud
Days with same cycle
still I can feel that we can do it
on these sleepless nights

Uncertainties nor loneliness
all of it with little confidence
but it seems to me that I want to embrace all of it
I wont lie to myself anymore, I don’t want to be attach

Cause we’re gonna make it
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Eh Eh Eh Eh Eh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
So we’re gonna make it
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Eh Eh Eh Eh Eh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh

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Kana performed We Don’t Stop in China. The performance is cute and the song sounds promising. Kanayan wore an abstract blouse tucked in a shiny pencil skirt and statement necklace with her hair in a ponytail.

» Kanayan accepts awards for Asia’s Most Influential Japanese Singer.
» She performs: We Don’t Stop in China (04.23.14)

西野カナ 2014.4.23 第18届全球華語榜中榜 『We Don’t Stop… by u—tan

Credit: Nishino Kana @ Baidu, U—tan@DM

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Ugh, I finally found the audio for We Don’t Stop! It’s LQ but in due time MQ/HQ should be out. Please check back for more updates 🙂

» This is just a fan-recording. There’s a lot of talking -_- I really like this song so far, it’s definitely a upbeat, fast-paced song, nice for the summer! Sounds like a mixture of Distance and Summertime in one song~ ♥

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Listen to We Don’t Stop, from the drama, Hanasaki mai ga damatte nai !

西野カナ 「花咲舞が黙ってない」主題歌 『We Don't Stop… by u—tan

We Don’t Stop Tracklist:

1. We Don’t Stop
2. Happy Birthday
3. 25

1. The Nishino Family Part 2013 ~digest~

Credit: Jpopcentral @NK Thread,

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Promo picture and CD covers

promo tumblr_n3z70ulFb11rdid55o1_1280






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New information on Kanayan’s newest single, We Don’t Stop!

Release: 05/21/2014
Vibe: Summertime, light
CD & CD+DVD Format
First press: 1,600 yen
Reg press: 1,223 yen