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Yo, every year I miss this shhh~!

Anyway, happy birthday to Queen K! Kanayan, Kana, Nishino-san, Kana-cake, how ever you say her name~ I hope you had an awesome birthday chica!
According to the pictures and reports, you’re currently on tour! I could not be more proud of you~ ♥ you went from small live appearances to full dome tours, you are truly doing your thing! Here’s to many more, I hope you enjoyed your day. Sorry for being late. Next year will be the year for sure 🙂

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Ugh, school really is a drag, every year I miss her birthday >.<

Happy belated birthday 26th birthday queen~!

Kanayan spent her day racking up on cakes and presents like a boss, pictures can be found in the gallery, if you wanna look 🙂

Gif cr: Tumblr

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Digital sales ranking for the week of 1/21-1/27 from Recochoku and ITunes charts.

9. Nishino Kana- Darling

7. Nishino Kana – Darling

Credit: Arama!Japan, Recochoku, Itunes

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Calendar has been updated! ♥

  • Pre-order with Love now! CDjapan / Yesasia– 10/22/14
  • NTV Music Dragon Performance- 10/24/14 @ 24: 58
  • NHK “MUSIC JAPAN” – 10/26/14 @ 24:10 (8 EST)
  • HALLOWEEN COLLECTION (special concert) – 14/10/26-27
  • KANA CHANNEL VOL.25 – 11/15/14
  • New Affiliate:

    Welcome to the family! ♥
    Cr: SonymusicJapan

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    Calendar has been updated lovelies! ♥

  • Kanayan will be releasing new single, Suki on 14/10/15!
  • KANA CHANNEL Vol.24 – 14/10/15 @ 20:00 (8 EST)
  • Music Station performance – 14/10/17
  • CDTV performance – 14/10/17
  • Music Dragon – 14/10/24
  • HALLOWEEN COLLECTION (special concert) – 14/10/26-27
  • Scawaii November 2014 – 14/10/07

    Cr: Nishinokana@tumblr

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    Commercial for Kana’s upcoming single, Darling!

    Original Video – More videos at TinyPic

    Cr: Tieba

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    Kana performed We Don’t Stop on Music Station, 4/25/14.

    西野カナ MUSIC STATION 『We Don't Stop』 by u—tan

    » Photos from SMA 40th Anniversary concert and 18th Chinese Music Award are up!
    Gallery > Events & Promotion > 2014 > SMA 40
    Gallery > Events & Promotion > 2014 > 18th Chinese Music Awards

    Credit: U—tan @ DM

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    New information on Kanayan’s newest single, We Don’t Stop!

    Release: 05/21/2014
    Vibe: Summertime, light
    CD & CD+DVD Format
    First press: 1,600 yen
    Reg press: 1,223 yen

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    Yay! I made it just in time~ Happy birthday Kanayan! I hope you have a wonderful birthday and that your 25th birthday is just as exciting as your 24th was. Please keep shining for all of us, all around the world & hearts;.

    I originally had a birthday message board planned for today, where we- the fans could sign to wish Kanayan a happy birthday but my designer is still designing so I did not have chance to do so 🙁 Next year, the board will be up so everyone please look forward to it 🙂

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    Kana’s back to doing big things and one of them is her perfume line, WY. The princess in her lovely fashion is debuting a valentine’s day scent. The perfume is called, WY’s Valentine by West Yard, of course. Goes on sale today, 2/3/14 at 17:00 (5 EST). I’ll be on the look out for on Yahoo.JP 🙂


    Price- ¥4,800 ($47.41)
    Official link- WY by west yard