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Ongaku No Hi will be offering live streaming for their 8/2 show! With 100 artists set to perform, the event will be packed on streaming sites so make sure you watch early~ ^_^

Kanayan will be performing around the 23:00-0:00 (11p.m.-12p.m. EST) time slot.

Streaming Links:
Justin TV (1)
Justin TV (2)
Justin TV (3)
Justin TV (4)
Ustream (1)
Ustream (2)
Piko (1)
Piko (2)

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Previews of Kana’s upcoming MV/PV for Darling premiered on Mezamashi TV this morning ♥

Original Video – More videos at TinyPic

Quick Captures:
k1 k2 k3 k4

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Kanayan will be performing on 8/2 on TBS’ Ongaku No Hi!

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Kanayan performs a special medley of songs at Music Station 7/25! She sings Darling & Kimitte.

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Darling will be making it’s rounds this summer as Kana is finishing up her promotions for We Don’t Stop!

New single, “Darling” will broadcast everyday with Fuji TV’s Mezamashi every Tuesday. Currently as Fuji TV’s Mezamashi TV daily theme song on Tuesdays.

Today, 7/23 chaku-uta (ringtones) are released today! It’s a couple song that’s warm, cute and relaxing♪
Please check it out!♪♪♪



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The events page has been updated, below are events & TV appearances occuring this month in June:

MTV A Class『西野カナ』
2013/2/6 Broadcasting MTV A Class show (19:00-20:00)

Single Release
2013/5/6 Believe single release

2013/7/6 Live Broadcast/Performance Believe (20:00)

MTV Personal Shot #9『西野カナ』O.A★
2013/8/6 Broadcasting MTV Personal Shot show (20:00-21:00)

2013/8/6 Performance: Believe (18:00)

2013/8/6 Guest Appearance + Performance: Believe (25:28)

MTV Personal Shot#10『西野カナ』O.A★
2013/3/6 Broadcasting MTV Personal Shot show (19:00-20:00)

2013/22/6 Performance + Nominations