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Music Station

[HD] Music Station 160429 by NAKARITA88
Starts at 24:56

Love Music

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Kana has two TV appearances scheduled for next week. They are as followed:

  • NHK Shibuya Note– 4/24
    17:05 JST \\ Official Site
  • Fuji TV Love Music– 4/29
    23:30 JST \\ Official Site
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    For the month of April, Kanayan will release a new song for Mezameshi TV. The song is entitled, Have a nice day! The song will serve as theme song for the show. It will be heard during the first week of April until the end of the month. Below is a video of the announcement along with a small speech from Kanayan herself requesting support and encouragement on this endeavor.

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    Kana peformed on CDTV’s SP Ongaku no Hi 2015.6.27.

    Darling & Moshimo Unmei no Hito ga Iru no Nara


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    Kanayan will appear on MBS’ Ongaku no Hi 150627 where she will perform: Darling and Moshimo Unmei no Hito ga Iru no Nara. The typical slot time for her to perform will be 22:00 JST.




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    Kana made an appearance on Teretō ongaku-sai today! She sang: Kimitte and  Moshimo Unmei no Hito ga Iru no Nara.

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    Kana will be performing at this year’s, NTV – The Music Day concert.

    Translated by Arama!Japan:

    Popular broadcaster NTV have recently revealed a significant amount of information about their yearly summer music special “THE MUSIC DAY”.  The subtitle for this year’s show will be “Ongaku wa Taiyou da.” (“Music is the Sun”) and it will include the performance of over 100 songs during its 11 hour runtime.

    The show is set to broadcast on July 4th at noon JST.

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    Kana will have a guest appearance on Music Station 6/5 at 20:00 JST. Check back later for video 🙂

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    Premium Melodix

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    Music Japan

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