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Kana’s Diary ☆ The Nishino Family Party 2013 ♪
Posted: 05.07.2013 // 18:12:57

X-mas live has just been announced.
In addition, a fan club tour, “The Nishino Family Party 2013” has been determined.
To celebrate my 5th anniversary since debut we wanted to do a project where all of you can vote to determine the set list
I’d be glad if you can attend this event!

And, today I will appear on M in a special state.
Please look forward to it ♪

★ ” The Nishino Family Party 2013 “★
The Nishino Party since it’s formation, is holding a fanclub tour for the second time with the “Nishino Family Party 2013” being decided. This will commemorate the 5th anniversary since debut. This isn’t a normal tour? There will also be events.
For one, the votes by fans will determine the setlist!
From all the songs that been released up until now, by all means, please vote on a song you want Kana to sing.

※ voting period: July 7 – July 31 (Wednesday). ( You can only vote once a day )
※  “Nishino house” – official fan club members only

■ The Nishino Family Party 2013 ■

· 2013/10/01 ( Tue ) 02 ( Wed ) – Zepp Namba ( Osaka ) 
 Open 6 p.m. / 19 o’clock start
· 2013/10/08 ( Tue ) 09 ( Wed ) – Zepp Nagoya ( Nagoya )
  open 18:00 / start 19:00 
· 2013/10/11 ( Fri ) – Zepp Fukuoka ( Fukuoka ) 
  open 18:00 / start 19:00 
· 2013/10/24 ( Thu )- Sendai Rensa ( Sendai )
  open 18:00 / start 19:00 
· 2013/10/29 ( Tue ) – Zepp Sapporo ( Sapporo ) 
 Open six p.m. / start seven p.m.
· 2013/11/05 ( Tue ) 06 ( Wed ) – Zepp Tokyo ( Tokyo ) 
 6 p.m. Open / start 19 o’clock

Price: 5,500 yen ( drink included separate tax, at entrance 500 yen )
More info on Nishino House

Credits: Nishino Kana blog

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Kana’s Diary ☆ Best Album!
Posted: 02.07.2013 // 22:30:55

The first Nishino Kana best album has already been set for release.
「Love Collection ~ pink ~ 」
「Love Collection ~ mint ~ 」
[They] will be released simultaneously  on September 4.
Newspapers, websites, etc have all given me congratulation messages. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much!
Some people came to me today after watching KANA CHANNEL.
Thanks you for reading this!

It was fun and today was the day of the jacket shooting for the Best Album.
I’m anxious to complete the photos of Best Album  and have a lot of them.
So I did a total of five new songs for the Best Album I want to hear soon more than anything.
I’m glad the memories that I have of everyone is full of thankfulness.

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Kana’s Diary ☆  July ♪
Posted: 01.07.2013 // 21:35:15

Starting from today it is the second half of the year rush~ summer students will soon vacation. It is fun.
Raspberries have begun to grow since it’s getting warmer out. I can make delicious jellies.

Tomorrow is KANA CHANNEL Vol.10
USTREAM @ 7/2 (火) 19:30 ~live.
Please look forward to it.


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Kana’s Diary ☆ Yesterday
Posted: 30.06.2013 // 12:20:58

For all those who came to see me, thank you.
Thanks for the comments and I’m sorry about yesterday, I will work hard as to not worry everyone.
And by the power of the words of all as always, thank you.

I have to say one more thing, I did my hands yesterday, I used my favorite ring and my favorite bracelet.

The nail is already worn out, but I still like this.

# To_5th_year Www.Nishinokana.Com/5thyear !

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In 4 days (if I read the counter right), Kanayan will be announcing news in regards to an album or single release. They even have a special site which will reveal a nice surprise and probably pretty website full of fan activity and news! Her Facebook page is also counting down by uploading various MVs each day, so far they’ve upload: I, Glowly Days, and Style. You can view the site here.
To celebrate Kanayan’s 5th years in music just hashtag #to_5th_year on FB, Twitter, IG or Tumblr

More upcoming dates:
– Preorder X-mas Live tickets start (6/27)
– MTV Zushi Fes 13 (6/30)
– Kana Channel Vol. 10 (7/2)

Credits: Nishino Kana SiteNishino Kana FB5th anniversary page