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Yo, every year I miss this shhh~!

Anyway, happy birthday to Queen K! Kanayan, Kana, Nishino-san, Kana-cake, how ever you say her name~ I hope you had an awesome birthday chica!
According to the pictures and reports, you’re currently on tour! I could not be more proud of you~ ♥ you went from small live appearances to full dome tours, you are truly doing your thing! Here’s to many more, I hope you enjoyed your day. Sorry for being late. Next year will be the year for sure 🙂

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Hey family! Long time no chat. I know it’s been a while but I’m back. School is a real drag This will be a short update because I’m so tired. Who knew updating a site after several months would take so much out you? Just a few updates to the site:

» New themes: The Gallery and main site have been updated
» Contact Us and Share a tip forms have been added
» System updates: Gallery, video & main site
» Video Gallery has been added, new videos will be processed within a few weeks time

Thank you for reading 🙂

The theme you are viewing was created by Eva! Thanks Eva for being so patient with me, I know I was annoying af~ 🙂
This theme is in celebration of Kana’s newest releases, Secert Collection ~red~ & ~green~ ♥
wls gal

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Wow!! I can’t believe this site made 10,000+ visits~ 😀 I want to start off by thank you the dedicated Nishino Kana fans and family members for visiting as often as you do. I know that everyone can’t read this blog because it’s all in English. So it’s generally difficult to understand but I plan to change that one day, so that everyone can read and enjoy! With that being said, I know that I can go MIA for very long periods of time, usually due to school, work or stress but you still continue to come back to this site, it truly means a lot to me!
Moreover, I want to thank my host, who has been hosting this site for a little while now, they have never given me any problems or had any severe downtime, and for that I’m grateful.

All in all, I hope to continue giving you all more news, photos and information on our princess, Nishino Kana. So please continue to check back soon ♥

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The theme

Hola lovelies!!! We finally have a new theme and 3 new network additions to the site.
As far as the theme goes, once again Monica designed this amazing theme. While Moshimo Unmei… has been out for about a month, I still thought it would be suitable to put this up seeing as how she is still promoting the single (latest: Music Station 150605) 😛 So what do you think about it? Do you like it?



We now have a lyrics center, fanlisting and twitter ♥!
Lyrics Center- So far we have 30+ lyrics. Lyrics are still being added to the site, so if there are lyrics that you wish to see right away, shoot us an email or direct message via Twitter.
Lyrics a go go!
Twitter- We now have a twitter so you can get easier and quick updates on Nishino Kana and a few random comments from me here and there 🙂
Our twitter is with_love89.
Fanlisting- For those of you who might not now, a fanlisting is “an online list of fans of a subject, such as a TV show, actor, or musician, that is created by an individual and open for fans from around the world to join. (
Check it out out here!

lyrics fan


2 new affiliates: &!

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It’s been three years everyone, wow time is really going by fast! This year I didn’t miss it, 😁! Well, I want to start off by saying thank you all so much for visiting and giving me encouragement to continue this site. It seriously means the world to me. My goals for this year is to stay on top of updates and information about concerts, shows, and singles/albums. I also want to improve my Japanese.
Well thanks again for making this site, your main, secondary, etc source for Nishino Kana, in the upcoming years, I want to bring you even more photos, music and news. Bye family~♡


Cr: Citrarst (gif)

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Hey everyone! I’m starting early, head over to the birthday board to send Kanayan an early birthday message! The birthday will be open from today until her birthday March 18th so go now and post your fanciest collages, posters, cards, and more!

Unfortunately, you must register so I can cut down on spam, surprisingly it’s a lot, so register here or sign up with your WordPress account and post away! To access the board just click the picture below.


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New gallery and site themes! While I loved the previous theme, I thought it was high time that both sites receive a face-lift. I hope everyone loves them! In case you’re wondering, the site theme was designed by Monica (my fave designer) and Cherry Wine created the base for the gallery theme. I wanted to start the new year off with new features- the ones I’ve been creating since last year but I’m still working on it >.< So everyone please bear with me! wlok galleria

» Guestbook is up! Please feel free to sign the guestbook, who knows Kanayan might see! ♥

Happy Holidays Family!

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Hey everyone! Just a quick announcement, With Love is coming back really soon. No really! I’ve been extremely busy with school and personal affairs but I’m happy to announce that I’ll be dedicating more time to my baby ♥~

Moreover, if anyone would like to help out around the please feel free to email or comment on the chatbox, with your name, email and desired position. As of now I’m looking for translators, site management, gallery management and calendar editor. I could use all the help I can get honestly, so don’t be shy! 🙂

Thank you for reading,

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The site just received a face-lift in time for the release of Darling. Do you like it?! I like the direction Monica (the awesome person that designed this theme ♥) went with this.
If you remember the Love Collection Tour layout, Monica did that and the current gallery theme, in other words she’s truly talented!
Anyway, please take a look around, new things will be added to the site slowly this month since I go back to school next week (that was quick, right?).

Enjoy, darlings ♥!

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Hey Lovelies!
Changes are-a-coming and they’re happening sooner than you think!

A few things I want/will implement on the site are:
– Fanlisting
– Calendar for easier updates (check it out~)
– Frequent Updates on news, translations, themes and content
– Maybe social media (Twitter or FB account)
– More media: icons, blends, bookmarks, etc
– Etc ☆ !

So make sure you look out for these changes in the next few months~

Schedule Dates (added to the calendar):

– 06/08- NHK Music Japan
– 06/13- NTV- Music Dragon