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Calendar has been updated lovelies! ♥

  • Kanayan will be releasing new single, Suki on 14/10/15!
  • KANA CHANNEL Vol.24 – 14/10/15 @ 20:00 (8 EST)
  • Music Station performance – 14/10/17
  • CDTV performance – 14/10/17
  • Music Dragon – 14/10/24
  • HALLOWEEN COLLECTION (special concert) – 14/10/26-27
  • Scawaii November 2014 – 14/10/07

    Cr: Nishinokana@tumblr

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    I’m a psychic! In two days Kanayan will be dropping, Suki (14/10/15)! In a month’s time, her 5th album with Love (14/11/14) will be out 🙂

    Suki Covers
    Nishino_Kana_-_Suki_lim Nishino_Kana_-_Suki_reg

    with Love Covers
    Nishino_Kana_-_with_LOVE_lim Nishino_Kana_-_with_LOVE_reg

    Quick Information:

  • Suki is now currently being used as Fuji TV’s Mezamashi Television theme song
  • Suki tracklist: 1.Suki, 2.Never know, 3. I Say No
  • No tracks for with Love have been confirmed besides: LOVE & JOY, Sayonara, We Don’t Stop, Darling, and Suki)
  • Both single and album only come in 2 editions: Limited and Regular
  • Single prices: 1,600 yen /14.85 USD (limited: BTS Suki Photo shoot & special interview) & 1,258 yen /11.68 USD (regular)
  • Album prices: 3,600 yen/ 33.43 USD (limited) & 3,100 yen/ 28.79 USD (regular)
  • Watch the lovely video below!

    Cr: Sonymusicjp, AramaJapan

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    New information on Kanayan’s newest single, We Don’t Stop!

    Release: 05/21/2014
    Vibe: Summertime, light
    CD & CD+DVD Format
    First press: 1,600 yen
    Reg press: 1,223 yen

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    Kanayan will be busy for the next few months touring, recording TV shows and apparently new songs! This was hinted at early in the week but I’ve been busy with school -_-.

    Kanayan’s new single, We Don’t Stop is to be released May 21st, it will be used as a theme song for the NTV’s newest drama, Hanasaki Mai Ga Damattenai, which will start airing April 16th.

    Kanayan will be releasing a new song entitled, Darling for the Fuji TV’s morning show, Kyou Mo Dokoka De! Apparently the theme song for the show rotates, so from April 1st to TBA Kanayan’s song will be the theme song. The show usually airs 5:25-8:00 Mon-Fri and 6:00-8:00 on Sat.

    Other Updates:
    Love Story Scans have been added to gallery. All credits to Madhouse Scans

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    Kanayan’s Namida Iro is now ready for download just a few days before release, get it before it gone 🙂

    320 kbps | 24.16 MB | MP3

    Single Files:
    Namida Iro
    Game Over
    Can’t stop, Won’t stop

    Credits: J-MP3
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    Kana’s new single, 涙色 (lit: Color of tears) is soon to be released 8.7.13. It will be released in the formats of regular and limited editions. Both editions are said to have 3 tracks each with the DVD including the Namida Iro Jacket making off shot and a special interview.


    1. 涙色 (Namida Iro)
    2. GAME OVER
    3. Can’t stop, Won’t stop

    Single Jackets & Promo

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    Full version of Kanayan’s new single, Believe! My computer audio is acting  crazy again so I can’t report my first impressions about the song, but so far it seems fun. Mp3 is available for download also.

    Credit: Tatoedonnani·(video)

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    Reportedly on March 26th, Kana announced her new single, Believe.

    * The song is supposed to be a heartbreak song with an up-tempo beat.
    Release date is set for the 5th of June and will be her 20th single!