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Yesterday a LQ version of Kana’s newest PV, あなたの好きなところ (Anata no Suki na Tokoro) was leaked! Check it out below~ ♥

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Kana’s latest music video for Moshi mo Unmei no Hito ga iru no nara

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More news on Kanayan’s upcoming single, Moshimo Unmei no Hito ga Iru no Nara!

Regular Edition

Regular Edition

Limited Edition

Limited Edition


» The single, comes in two different edition, regular (CD) and limited (CD+DVD). The limited edition is said to include the music video to Koisuru Kimochi. The regular edition is ¥1,165 + Tax ($9.69) and limited edition is ¥1,481 + Tax ($12.32). The released date is set for April 29,2015.


The tracklist is as followed:

  • Moshimo Unmei no Hito ga Iru no Nara (もしも運命の人がいるのなら)
  • Lucky
  • Shut Up

» Preorder at CDJapan (Reg/Ltd) or Yesasia (Reg/Ltd)

Short version of the music video has also been released, check it out below 🙂

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The official website also received a face-lift!

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I’m a psychic! In two days Kanayan will be dropping, Suki (14/10/15)! In a month’s time, her 5th album with Love (14/11/14) will be out 🙂

Suki Covers
Nishino_Kana_-_Suki_lim Nishino_Kana_-_Suki_reg

with Love Covers
Nishino_Kana_-_with_LOVE_lim Nishino_Kana_-_with_LOVE_reg

Quick Information:

  • Suki is now currently being used as Fuji TV’s Mezamashi Television theme song
  • Suki tracklist: 1.Suki, 2.Never know, 3. I Say No
  • No tracks for with Love have been confirmed besides: LOVE & JOY, Sayonara, We Don’t Stop, Darling, and Suki)
  • Both single and album only come in 2 editions: Limited and Regular
  • Single prices: 1,600 yen /14.85 USD (limited: BTS Suki Photo shoot & special interview) & 1,258 yen /11.68 USD (regular)
  • Album prices: 3,600 yen/ 33.43 USD (limited) & 3,100 yen/ 28.79 USD (regular)
  • Watch the lovely video below!

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    My posts have already started slacking 🙁 However, now that I am back in school that is to be expected, I will however keep updating to the best of my abilities, so don’t give up on me!

    Not much to say about this music video besides the fact that it’s super cute and the song is lovely ♥
    However, I am waiting for her to return to her R&B days!


    » Kana will be appearing on Music Dragon 08/15/14!

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    Yay! Just released yesterday was Kanayan’s newest Promotional Video (PV), Believe! It’s a very cute video with lot of colorful sights, animation, dancing and not mention many cute shots of Kanayan~! Like Kana mentioned in her previous blog post, it’s a fun song with a serious message, it’s about life after a breakup and how to move on from a person you’re no longer with. It’s sure to be a summer hit! Check it out below.

    Download: MEGA or JPPDL Credit: JPDDL AMA