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Concert Update:
3/30- Kana Nishino performed in Taiwan, it was her first overseas performance. Held in the National Taiwan University Gymnasium she attracted over 3000 fans as part of the China leg of the Kanayan Asian Tour 2013. She wore a total of 7 different cute costumes. She sang some of her popular songs including Always and Best Friend (which she sung in Chinese). Not before she was greeted with a belated happy birthday song. Afterwards she said, “Xie Xie” (thank you) and continued performing.

* It is said that her popularity in China began after Japanese magazines of her were available for purchase, along with her albums, singles and DVDs.

Morning Before Concert:
Upon arriving to Taipei, wearing only a light pink sweater, and baby blue skirt, Kana was greeted by 200 people, whom were screaming and yelling her name.
A source told Sanspo that she arrived on the 29th, where she was really surprised upon seeing all of her fans at the airport in support of her.
* The special deluxe Love Place was released in China that day with customizable calendar included, unlike the Japanese version which do not include the calendar, apparently. ( I want this! 😛 )

Credit: Sanspo
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Reportedly on March 26th, Kana announced her new single, Believe.

* The song is supposed to be a heartbreak song with an up-tempo beat.
Release date is set for the 5th of June and will be her 20th single!

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Kana has been nominated for three MTV VMAJ awards:
* Best Female Video (Always)
* Best Karaoke! Song (Always)
* Best Album of the Year (Love Place)

Congrats & Good Luck!

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Happy New Year from the folks of With Love! Have a lovely 2013 and enjoy!
P.S. My new years’ resolution for this year is to update this site more often!..well it’s one of many 😉


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Posted on youtube, not too long along and miracously they’re still there are clips from Kanayan’s DVD, Love Voyage- a place of my heart -. Kana looks so lovely here and I love the band arrangement also! Watch them before they’re removed~.

Other lives:
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Kana Nishino: Love Voyage – a place of my heart – is due to be released on 2012/12/19. The cost of the DVD is 5714yen which is $67.45.
The DVD itself includes an unplugged live of Kanayan. It also features documentary and interview of her.

1. 君って (Kimi tte)
2. 会いたくて会いたくて (Aitakute Aitakute)
3. Be strong
4. このままで (Kono Mama de)
5. Beloved
6. Dear
7. 私たち (Watashitachi)
8. Every boy every girl
10. Always

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Kanayan is the cover of next (year) January’s issue of Popteen (ポップティーン).
Below are just some scans of her featured in the magazine.

The entire magazine can be bought at:

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Kanayan Tour 2012 ~Arena~ (2012.10.13.- 2012.11.24)
2012/11/14 Osaka Castle Hall opens 18:00/ start 19:00
2012/11/23 Saitama Arena opens 16:45/ start 18:00
2012/11/24  Saitama Arena opens 15:45/ start 17:00

Fuji TV: Music Fair
2012/11/17 start 18:00 (Guest + Song) 

Fuji TV: 2012 FNS Song Festival
2012/12/5 start 19:00 (Appearance)

Kanayan Tour 2013 ~Spring~ (2013.1.11- 2013.3.26)
2013/1/11 Rose Theatre, Fuji, Shizuoka
2013/1/18 Nitori Hall
2013/1/19 Tomakomai Shimin Kaikan Hall
2013/1/25 Matsumoto Performing Arts Centre
2013/1/27 Osaka International Convention Center
2013/1/30 Tokyo International Forum, Hall A
2013/2/01 Sendai Sun Plaza Hall
2013/2/02 Aomori Station
2013/2/05 Gunma Prefecture Civic Centre
2013/2/09 Yokosuka Arts Theatre
2013/2/11 Koriyama City Cultural Center
2013/2/13 Omiya Sonic City
2013/2/17 Hiroshima Cultural Hall
2013/2/21 Kobe International Hall
2013/2/22 Shunan City Cultural Hall

2013/2/24 N/A
2013/2/27 Nagoya Congress Center
2013/2/28 Nagaragawa Convention Center
2013/3/09 Tokushima City Cultural Hall
2013/3/10 Alpha Anabuki Hall

2013/3/12 Shimin Bunka Hall
2013/3/14 Fukuoka SunPalace
2013/3/16 Nagasaki Brick Hall
2013/3/19 Niigata Prefectural Civic Center
2013/3/20 Honda Forest Hall
2013/3/26 Yoyogi National Stadium

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Kana’s next release is said to be a collection of live clips from special events and concerts.
It’s entitled, “Love Voyage~a place of my heart~
Release date is set for, December 19, 2012.

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Kana made 3/5 categories! So proud of her…always 🙂

05/(01) “Always” – Nishino Kana

04/(01) “Always” – Nishino Kana

09/(02) “Always” – Nishino Kana

Credit: Arama They Didn’t LJ