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4. Nishino Kana – Moshimo Unmei no Hito ga Iru no Nara

7. Nishino Kana – Moshimo Unmei no Hito ga Iru no Nara 16,801

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Kana will be performing at the TV Tokyo Tele to Ongaku sai (trans: music festival)! I’m not sure but I believe it’s been the 2nd year since it’s creation and other prominent artists like AKB48, JUJU, Morning Musume, etc will also be present for this momentous occasion.

Date- 15/06/24
Time- 18:30- 22:48


In case you wanted more information check out at Oricon.


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Kana’s performance on Music Station last night~ 😁

More TV appearance(s)

  • Kana will be featured on TBS’ Countdown (CDTV) show 6/7 00:58-01:53 JST.
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    Based on images from the tour, Kana has about 7+ outfit changes.

    Tour preview (2):

    Tour booklet (LQ):

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    More news on Kanayan’s upcoming single, Moshimo Unmei no Hito ga Iru no Nara!

    Regular Edition

    Regular Edition

    Limited Edition

    Limited Edition


    » The single, comes in two different edition, regular (CD) and limited (CD+DVD). The limited edition is said to include the music video to Koisuru Kimochi. The regular edition is ¥1,165 + Tax ($9.69) and limited edition is ¥1,481 + Tax ($12.32). The released date is set for April 29,2015.


    The tracklist is as followed:

    • Moshimo Unmei no Hito ga Iru no Nara (もしも運命の人がいるのなら)
    • Lucky
    • Shut Up

    » Preorder at CDJapan (Reg/Ltd) or Yesasia (Reg/Ltd)

    Short version of the music video has also been released, check it out below 🙂

    05968603049585 by withlove_kana

    The official website also received a face-lift!

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    Kana’s Love Collection Tour ~pink & mint~ were featured on JAPAN COUNTDOWN!

    西野カナ JAPAN COUNTDOWN 『Love Collection Tour… by u—tan

    » A few new tour images have been added to the gallery 🙂

    Credit: U—tan @ Dailymotion

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    As expected, Kana will be releasing an album and possibly single even though it has not been confirmed as of yet. In 15 hours according to the site will be mentioning the information in regards to best of album entitled, Love Collection Best. The album is said to be released 9.4.13 with two editions: Mint & Pink, with 30 tracks all together on the two albums, the songs will be from I to Believe. There is to be 5 new unreleased tracks. *Cross fingers for R&B tracks*

    The single that will possibly be released 8.4.13 is entitled, Namida Iro, The color of tears/Colored tears.

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    Nishino Kana’s new song, Rainbow, will be used as a theme song for the show, ‘Little Charo’ or リトル・チャロ!


    Little Charo is a television show that helps those who speak Japanese learn English easier. The synopsis of the show is: The Charo puppy is raised by his young owner, Shota. Coming back from a trip to New York with his owner and his family, his cage gets mixed up! He then has to find a way back to Japan. The show features him learning English and the various friendships he makes with the dogs in New York, where he hopes to reunite with his owner Shota in Japan.

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    Full version of Kanayan’s new single, Believe! My computer audio is acting  crazy again so I can’t report my first impressions about the song, but so far it seems fun. Mp3 is available for download also.

    Credit: Tatoedonnani·(video)

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    1.GO FOR IT!!
    2.Happy Song
    3.会いたくて 会いたくて
    4.Sakura I Love You?
    6.たとえ どんなに…
    7.Come On Yes Yes Oh Yeah!
    8.Every Boy Every Girl
    9.Love like crazy this love?
    12.远くてもfeat. WISE
    17.Best Friend