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Talk + Performance on 08.16.2013- Music Dragon
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Kanayan truly is the Recochoku princess, she’s won all top places on the site with even her old singles and albums still charting, that’s truly amazing! Below are some ranking of Namida Iro placement on the charts and even some of her older songs. On Oricon she placed in the top 10 at #8.

Weekly (7/31~8/6)

Daily (8/12)
Oricon Style (8/12)

Chaku Uta Ranking

Album Weekly (7/31~8/6)

Weekly Video (7/31~8/6)
Preorder Releases

Lyrics Weekly (7/31~8/6)

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Mezamashi: Open Summer Tour


Music Station


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Kanayan’s Namida Iro is now ready for download just a few days before release, get it before it gone 🙂

320 kbps | 24.16 MB | MP3

Single Files:
Namida Iro
Game Over
Can’t stop, Won’t stop

Credits: J-MP3
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YAY! I was so excited when I listening to this song previews, for some reason I haven’t really been feeling Kana’s a-side releases. I prefer her b-sides they’re usually either club-ish or r&b hits which I personally love. My opinion aside, single is almost here guys just xx more days! In case you can’t listen to them, GAME OVER has more of a pop rock sound and Can’t stop, Won’t stop is a sassy pop song.
» I’ll have the mp3s of these songs later in case the videos are banned or missing.

Can’t stop, won’t stop preview
GAME OVER preview
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Kana’s new single, 涙色 (lit: Color of tears) is soon to be released 8.7.13. It will be released in the formats of regular and limited editions. Both editions are said to have 3 tracks each with the DVD including the Namida Iro Jacket making off shot and a special interview.


  1. 涙色 (Namida Iro)
  3. Can’t stop, Won’t stop

Single Jackets & Promo

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As expected, Kana will be releasing an album and possibly single even though it has not been confirmed as of yet. In 15 hours according to the site will be mentioning the information in regards to best of album entitled, Love Collection Best. The album is said to be released 9.4.13 with two editions: Mint & Pink, with 30 tracks all together on the two albums, the songs will be from I to Believe. There is to be 5 new unreleased tracks. *Cross fingers for R&B tracks*

The single that will possibly be released 8.4.13 is entitled, Namida Iro, The color of tears/Colored tears.

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