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Ehat’s up with Kanayan this month?

  • Magazine set (Jan): Nicola, Anecan, andGIRL
  • Magazine set (Feb): nonno
  • Videos: CDTV New Year’s Eve Premium Live 2015 → 2016 (x), KANA CHANNEL Vol. 38 (x)
  • Photo set: Kohaku, Japan Record Award
  • Kana’s fortune was told through using her blood type and date of birth -> / Photoset
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    Before the year came to a complete close Kanayan set it off right with a few performances. I uploaded these videos onto dailymotion and of course in DM style they screwed up the quality, but you still can see Kana in all her pretty glory tear up the stage, so all in all it’s OK. No real comments on the videos just why the dress in the Kouhaku performance? Also, thank goodness they put weave in Kana’s hair this time around, I’m kind of over her short hair…

    Kouhaku 1/2014



    Kanayan ~wish & real~ preview/update