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KANA CHANNEL Vol. 21 will be recording 7/8 (Tuesday) at 20:00 (7:00 a.m. EST)!

Her Ustream account  has changed also, it now reflects the upcoming release of Love Collection Tour ~pink & mint~ ♥


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Kanayan will be broadcasting yet another episode of KANA CHANNEL! This will be volume 18 and will be live at Ustream on 4/28 (Sunday/Monday)- 20:00 (8:00 EST). Check back soon for the video posting ♥ !


» Don’t forget about the SMA Awards 2014! Sony Music is celebrating it’s 40th anniversary with an award show with various performance and Kanayan is to perform. (04/19/14)

» Kana is to perform We Don’t Stop on Music Station 4/25/14!

Credit: KanaNishino @ Baidu

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If you missed another captiving episode of Kana Channel, look no futher, the links for last night’s episode is up! In this episode Kana’s talks much about the upcoming tour along with showing a few of the soon-to-be available concert goods and crowd movements to do during the concert ♥!

KANA CHANNEL Vol.16 3-1 by u—tan

Part 2 | Part 3

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Kanayan will be broadcasting for the first time this year on KANA CHANNEL. This will be volume 16 and will be live at Ustream on 2/15 (Saturday)- 19:00 (7:00 EST). Check back soon for the video posting!


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Mezamashi: Open Summer Tour


Music Station


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Once again answering yours and other fans burning question Kana hosts another KANA CHANNEL! I missed this one but I will catch the next one for sure~!

Next up is the tracklist and pre ordering availability for Love Collection ~pink~ & ~mint~. Yay! So happy Summer Girl and Alright on the album!
Below are the tracks for each album along with a screencap of the site:

Love collection ~pink~ and ~mint~ can be preordered here and here.

Credit: 5th year, Youtube,

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Yay! Kana Channel Vol.9 is out, I’m sad I couldn’t participate in this one, but maybe next time 🙂
Synposis: Kana Channel is a live recording of Kana answering various Q&A and talking on a person level with all of her fans.