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Kana will be hosting another KANA CHANNEL on 6/18, 20:00 JST (7 AM EST). This will be her 31th episode. Keep checking back for the video.

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Quick updates on Kanayan for April!

  • Download- Moshimo Unmei no Hito ga Iru no Nara
  • with LOVE goods are out!
  • TV appearances: TV Asahi Music Station (5/1), Fuji TV Music Fair (5/2), & TBS CDTV (5/2)
  • Watch KANACHANNEL Vol.30 4/27
  • » Schedule has been updated also! ♥

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    Kanayan has a TV appearance 4/14 on M-ON at 24:00-24:30 (12:00-12:30 PM EST) where they will broadcast her new music video! Can’t wait 🙂
    A new installment of KANA CHANNEL is set for 4/29 at 20:00 JST (7:00 AM EST).


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    This month’s episode of KANA CHANNEL is up! No announcement made yet on when the next one will be.
    It was revealed that the title of her upcoming single which is: Moshimo Unmei no Hito ga Iru no Nara (もしも運命の人がいるのなら), which translates loosely to ‘If there was a destined person’. As previously mentioned, this single will have a limited and regular editions.

    Please note that I am not fluent in Japanese, at best, my knowledge is at an intermediate level, with that please bear with me! If you see any mistakes or grammatical errors please comment below or in the Chatbox with what mistake(s) I made and I will correct it promptly. ♥

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    Hey family!
    Just a reminder, Kana will be having a new session of KANA CHANNEL on 3/19 at 20:00 JST (7:00 EST), it’s the 29th installment.
    What do you think this episode will be about? Hopefully, there’s some news on the upcoming single and DVD.

    Ustream Channel

    » Don’t forget to write a sweet message on the birthday board!

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    This month’s episode of KANA CHANNEL is up! The next episode will be 3/19 @ 20:00 JST (7:00 am EST).

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    This month’s installment of KANA CHANNEL: vol. 27 (1/28 @ 20:00)!

    Next episode will be: 2/16 @ 20:00 JST ♥

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    Caught the last 30 minutes of it -_- but I still watched! ♥ Below is a video and screencaptures from KANA CHANNEL Vol.26.


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    The last KANA CHANNEL of this year will take place 12/21 (Sunday) at 20:00 JST!

    Watch Here!

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    New date added to the schedule!

    » KANA CHANNEL VOL.22- 8/12 20:00 (7:00 EST)

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