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Nishinoke has just opened a store that sells halloween products designed by Kana in support of her Halloween Collection live!
From a handbag to a cape to jewelry- there’s something for everyone ♥~


CR: Arama!Japan, SonyMusic

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I remember way back when I was super-fan of Morning Musume (Linlin and Risa ♥), I would also look forward to the concerts and various events they did because that would mean new fan goods! Fan goods differ from each event but most would consist of a penlight, poster, towel, etc. So a new feature to this site are fan goods. That means I will try to update the fans on various fan goods that currently out in correspondence to an event Kana has and maybe in the future a guide to acquiring them.

Kanayan Tour 2013~Asia~ concert goods

Taiwan Version (Will update w/ better quality)

Credits: Ameblo Blog Mbok JP Aucfan Yahoo Auctions