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In 4 days (if I read the counter right), Kanayan will be announcing news in regards to an album or single release. They even have a special site which will reveal a nice surprise and probably pretty website full of fan activity and news! Her Facebook page is also counting down by uploading various MVs each day, so far they’ve upload: I, Glowly Days, and Style. You can view the site here.
To celebrate Kanayan’s 5th years in music just hashtag #to_5th_year on FB, Twitter, IG or Tumblr

More upcoming dates:
– Preorder X-mas Live tickets start (6/27)
– MTV Zushi Fes 13 (6/30)
– Kana Channel Vol. 10 (7/2)

Credits: Nishino Kana SiteNishino Kana FB5th anniversary page