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The tracklist for the with LOVE tour DVD has been released:



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with LOVE Tour DVD sets to be released on February 3rd!

“Features the final day of Kana Nishino’s “with LOVE tour” in 2015 held at Osaka-jo Hall. This edition includes special bonus video and comes with a photo book.” – CDJapan

Pre-order: Yesasia, HMV, CDJapan


Blu-Ray (limited edition)
1. Special footage of “Stand Up” from with LOVE tour
2. Official photo book
3. Original 3-way opening back jacket

*Comes in either DVD or Blu-ray


2 DVD set (Regular edition)

*Comes in either DVD or Blu-ray


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Kana is to release a new single on her 26th birthday (15/03/18), it’s currently unentitled. It will be used as theme song for the drama, Hanasaki Mai ga Damattenai’s special episode. A DVD will also be released 3/18 (?) and entitled, Love Voyage ~私たちの Story in Jamaica~ (trs: Love Voyage ~our story in Jamaica~).