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Here is the unofficial Darling Tracklist:

1. Darling
3. Still love you

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Darling will be making it’s rounds this summer as Kana is finishing up her promotions for We Don’t Stop!

New single, “Darling” will broadcast everyday with Fuji TV’s Mezamashi every Tuesday. Currently as Fuji TV’s Mezamashi TV daily theme song on Tuesdays.

Today, 7/23 chaku-uta (ringtones) are released today! It’s a couple song that’s warm, cute and relaxing♪
Please check it out!♪♪♪



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Confirmed today, Darling will be Kana’s 24th single! You can find a preview here.

From the website,
“Currently as Fuji TV’s Mezamashi TV Tuesday theme song. It’s Fuji TV’s Mezamashi TV theme song every week and Tuesday. The new single, “Darling” will finally be released!!

Nishino Kana’s new single, “Darling” will be a warm, cute love song that you can unwind to. It describes two people’s affection which does not waver, being that they have been together for a long time.

[Channeled are] the feelings of a women that sings “having only you”, it comes from a mutually good place, where you’re amazed for a while, that seems very different from the ideal.
It seems to be the ideal image of a couple somewhere that gently echoes in nature and the heart.

As the daily theme for Fuji TV’s Mezamashi TV, it aired from Tuesday from April this year along with a subject.

New Single
8.13 Release!!!
SECL-1549-1550 – 1,481 + Tax

SECL-1551- 1,165 + Tax

Get it on Rekochoku’s Chaku-Uta and Itunes before release!


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Still circulating around the Kanayan Community is talk about Kana’s unconfirmed 24th single, Darling. It’s to be released 14.08.13. and apparently it’s to be released in two formats like, We Don’t Stop. Apparently Sony leaked this information, but no official news or announcements have been made as of yet on it.
Well, until then stay tuned ♥!

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