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Kana will embark on a nationwide tour entitled the “The Nishino Family Secret Party 2016 ~SPEED MATCH UP~. Tickets are for fan club members only. Ticket selection is chosen via lottery. The lottery will take place from January 16th to May 21st. A surprising addition to the set is that fans will have chance to play a quick round of trump with Kana on stage.

For more information:


Cute, quick video promoting the concert and “special” with Kanayan ♥

The Schedule

March 2nd, 3rd- (Fukuoka) Zepp Fukuoka
March 7th, 8th- (Tokyo) Zepp DiverCity
March 12th- (Sapporo) Zepp Sapporo
March 16th, 17th, 18th- (Osaka) Zepp Namba
March 23rd, 24th, 25th- (Nagoya) Zepp Nagoya
March 28th, 29th- (Tokyo) Zepp DiverCity


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Kana will be performing at this year’s, NTV – The Music Day concert.

Translated by Arama!Japan:

Popular broadcaster NTV have recently revealed a significant amount of information about their yearly summer music special “THE MUSIC DAY”.  The subtitle for this year’s show will be “Ongaku wa Taiyou da.” (“Music is the Sun”) and it will include the performance of over 100 songs during its 11 hour runtime.

The show is set to broadcast on July 4th at noon JST.

Cr: Arama!Japan

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Kana will be performing at the TV Tokyo Tele to Ongaku sai (trans: music festival)! I’m not sure but I believe it’s been the 2nd year since it’s creation and other prominent artists like AKB48, JUJU, Morning Musume, etc will also be present for this momentous occasion.

Date- 15/06/24
Time- 18:30- 22:48


In case you wanted more information check out at Oricon.


Cr: Oricon, twitter


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Nishinoke has just opened a store that sells halloween products designed by Kana in support of her Halloween Collection live!
From a handbag to a cape to jewelry- there’s something for everyone ♥~


CR: Arama!Japan, SonyMusic

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Full version of Kanayan’s new single, Believe! My computer audio is acting  crazy again so I can’t report my first impressions about the song, but so far it seems fun. Mp3 is available for download also.

Credit: Tatoedonnani·(video)

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2.Happy Song
3.会いたくて 会いたくて
4.Sakura I Love You?
6.たとえ どんなに…
7.Come On Yes Yes Oh Yeah!
8.Every Boy Every Girl
9.Love like crazy this love?
12.远くてもfeat. WISE
17.Best Friend
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Concert Update:
3/30- Kana Nishino performed in Taiwan, it was her first overseas performance. Held in the National Taiwan University Gymnasium she attracted over 3000 fans as part of the China leg of the Kanayan Asian Tour 2013. She wore a total of 7 different cute costumes. She sang some of her popular songs including Always and Best Friend (which she sung in Chinese). Not before she was greeted with a belated happy birthday song. Afterwards she said, “Xie Xie” (thank you) and continued performing.

* It is said that her popularity in China began after Japanese magazines of her were available for purchase, along with her albums, singles and DVDs.

Morning Before Concert:
Upon arriving to Taipei, wearing only a light pink sweater, and baby blue skirt, Kana was greeted by 200 people, whom were screaming and yelling her name.
A source told Sanspo that she arrived on the 29th, where she was really surprised upon seeing all of her fans at the airport in support of her.
* The special deluxe Love Place was released in China that day with customizable calendar included, unlike the Japanese version which do not include the calendar, apparently. ( I want this! 😛 )

Credit: Sanspo