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Kanayan truly is the Recochoku princess, she’s won all top places on the site with even her old singles and albums still charting, that’s truly amazing! Below are some ranking of Namida Iro placement on the charts and even some of her older songs. On Oricon she placed in the top 10 at #8.

Weekly (7/31~8/6)

Daily (8/12)
Oricon Style (8/12)

Chaku Uta Ranking

Album Weekly (7/31~8/6)

Weekly Video (7/31~8/6)
Preorder Releases

Lyrics Weekly (7/31~8/6)

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Nishino Kana- Believe
#4- Recochoku
#3- Recochoku (Digital Single Ranking)
#39- Oricon

Credits:, Aramatheydidnt @ lj

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Just yesterday Recochoku reveled their first half of 2013 (01/01-6/30) list from various charts. For those of you not familiar with Recochoku, it’s an online music and mobile download portal in Japan. The charts they issue out every week to a month span features mobile download (Chaku-uta), Digital singles, music videos, theme songs, weekly & monthly rankings.
Kanayan did very well this year taking top spots in most of the charts. Below are the charts she featured in and bolded is what place she ranked.

Album ~ Half-Year Ranking
02 – “Party Anthem Ultra Mix ! (Non-Stop Best)” – 24 Hour Party Project
03 – “Believe” – Nishino Kana
05 – “Best R&B Hits 60 Songs” – Various Artists

Artist ~ Full Downloads Ranking
01 – AKB48
02 – Golden Bomber
03 – GReeeeN
04 – Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
05 – EXILE
06 – Nishino Kana
07 – Yuzu
08 – Sonar Pocket
10 – Amuro Namie

Artist ~ Chaku Uta Ranking
01 – Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
02 – Arashi
03 – Fukuyama Masaharu
04 – AKB48
05 – EXILE
06 – Amuro Namie
07 – Nishino Kana
08 – GReeeeN
09 – Golden Bomber
10 – Yuzu

Credit: Aramatheydidnt @ LJ

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Since all of the youtube clips of her performance have been deleted I had to search Baidu for it. Luckily, they had it! It might be a slow so allow it time to buffer & if chinese characters appear give it a minute it’ll disappear and the video should appear.
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Nishino Kana- Believe
#1- Recochoku
#7- Oricon
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Download Kanayan’s newest single, Believe. It’s supposed to be release in a few days but apparently it’s been leaked 😛

320kbps | 29MB | MP3

Credits: | Hikari no Akiri

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The events page has been updated, below are events & TV appearances occuring this month in June:

MTV A Class『西野カナ』
2013/2/6 Broadcasting MTV A Class show (19:00-20:00)

Single Release
2013/5/6 Believe single release

2013/7/6 Live Broadcast/Performance Believe (20:00)

MTV Personal Shot #9『西野カナ』O.A★
2013/8/6 Broadcasting MTV Personal Shot show (20:00-21:00)

2013/8/6 Performance: Believe (18:00)

2013/8/6 Guest Appearance + Performance: Believe (25:28)

MTV Personal Shot#10『西野カナ』O.A★
2013/3/6 Broadcasting MTV Personal Shot show (19:00-20:00)

2013/22/6 Performance + Nominations

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Yay! Just released yesterday was Kanayan’s newest Promotional Video (PV), Believe! It’s a very cute video with lot of colorful sights, animation, dancing and not mention many cute shots of Kanayan~! Like Kana mentioned in her previous blog post, it’s a fun song with a serious message, it’s about life after a breakup and how to move on from a person you’re no longer with. It’s sure to be a summer hit! Check it out below.

Download: MEGA or JPPDL Credit: JPDDL AMA
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Still continuing her rein as Recochoku Queen, Kanayan’s newest single, Believe, wins #1 on the Recochoku weekly most downloaded charts. While only released just a few days ago on the site she was able to reach such a feat. Moreover, she’s in the top ten for daily downloads. Congrats, girl!