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4 previews from Kanayan’s upcoming single, あなたの好きなところ (Anata no Suki na Tokoro) have been released. The picture quality is okay and the camera moves around a bit but the sound quality is good. Check it out below~

ii ik ikl ol

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A preview of Torisetsu can be heard in a short clip presenting the movie, Heroine Shikkaku on NTV’s morning show, Zip. Watch below!

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Ugh, I had to hunt this file down! However, I’m glad I got ahold of it, listen to the radio rip of Kana’s new single, Moshimo Unmei no Hito ga Iru no Nara.

The sound quality is terrible, ngl.

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Never Know (03:48)
Composer(s): Nishino Kana, Mats Lie Skare, Lisa Desmond

I Say No (03:46)
Composer(s): Nishino Kana, Jeff Miyahara

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Radio rip of Kanayan’s 24th single, Darling!

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Ugh, I finally found the audio for We Don’t Stop! It’s LQ but in due time MQ/HQ should be out. Please check back for more updates 🙂

» This is just a fan-recording. There’s a lot of talking -_- I really like this song so far, it’s definitely a upbeat, fast-paced song, nice for the summer! Sounds like a mixture of Distance and Summertime in one song~ ♥

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YAY! I was so excited when I listening to this song previews, for some reason I haven’t really been feeling Kana’s a-side releases. I prefer her b-sides they’re usually either club-ish or r&b hits which I personally love. My opinion aside, single is almost here guys just xx more days! In case you can’t listen to them, GAME OVER has more of a pop rock sound and Can’t stop, Won’t stop is a sassy pop song.
» I’ll have the mp3s of these songs later in case the videos are banned or missing.

Can’t stop, won’t stop preview
GAME OVER preview
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Soon to be released on 6/5/13, listen to the full live audio of Believe. Listen below!
Remember to vote for Kana at the MTVJ ’13 music awards, vote here! (after 6/11/13)
Also stay tuned for more updates on MTVJ where Kana will be performing 6/22/13.