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Kanayan will be releasing a new single entitled, あなたの好きなところ/Anata no Suki na Tokoro (Your favorite places)♥

Apparently, the single was based on the theme of, “52 reasons I love you” on each card as seen on the CD covers, provides reasons a person loves someone (in general). The single is said to want to communicate the feelings that someone shares of someone they love, such as the way a person’s T-shirt smells, the color of their eyes, their strange sneeze, etc. It’s a love song that people will be able to enjoy no matter gender or age.

This will be her first single for 2016! This single will be released in two versions: CD and CD+DVD. The CD+DVD version is said to behind the scenes photo session and national arena tour ticket (2016).
The date of this release is set for April 27th (4/27). Prices range from ¥1,600 ($14.22 USD) for the inclusion of the DVD and ¥1,258 ($11.18 USD) for the CD only (subject to change on international buying sites). Pre-ordering can be on Yesasia or CDJapan.

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1. Anata no Suki na Tokoro (あなたの好きなところ)
2. A HA HA
3. Thank you very much


Original CD tracklist
4. Behind the scenes of “Anata no Suki na Tokoro” Photo Session
5. National Arena tour ticket

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