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Please note that I am not fluent in Japanese, at best, my knowledge is at an intermediate level, with that please bear with me! If you see any mistakes or grammatical errors please comment below or in the Chatbox with what mistake(s) I made and I will correct it promptly. ♥

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Official Facebook page ☆ with LOVE tour
Posted: 06.21.2015 // 07:17 PM

Today is the with Love Tour @ Hiroshima Green Arena!
I drink a cup of freshly squeezed vegetable juice before a performance, it gives me strength!
And today, since I’m in responsible for SMA GIRLS “Today’s Favorite” [section] please be sure to check it out ♪.

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SMA GIRLS WEBPAGE ☆ 06.21.2015

Nishino Kana
It’s kind of early for red lips, but I still will incorporate it when autumn is here♡
I tried to match my nails with it ♪
Its a versatile item (red lipstick) that can go from casual to chic!

Cr: Kananishino @ FB,