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Quick Overview:

Soundscan is the sales source for various music charts. It records sales in music from different artists, genres and labels. The ranking reflects what the Japanese audience likes and where they buy thdir music (ex: physically or digitally)

“It’s numbers are calculated based on POS-sources (point of sales) and ranks sales for each version individually for CDs (both Singles & Albums). Soundscan also doesn’t include label-owned and agency owned stores. Soundscan number may or may not be higher than Oricon numbers.”

Artist Total Sales

13. Nishino Kana- 1,212


Top 10 Japanese Albums

8. Nishino Kana: with Love (CD+DVD)- 165,938


Top 10 albums (all editions)

10. Nishino Kana: with Love – 246, 602



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