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(Left: Limited Edition // Right: Regular Edition)

Kanayan’s Love Collection ~pink & mint~ concert will be released on DVD & Blu-ray on 2014.07.09! This will be her 5th concert DVD & Blu-ray set out.

From the site (brief summary):
Apparently, the concert covers Kana’s tour of 6 concert venues (12 performances) with guest appearances from other artists like, MINMI, VERBAL(m-flo), and WISE. The concert had over 100,00 people in attendance and the images of the cover are from Kana’s last performance at the Yokohama Arena.
Kana performs various hit songs, some mentioned on the site for starters are: Aitakute Aitakute, Best Friend, Kimitte, Go For It!, etc and even her new song, We Don’t Stop!

DVD- Limited Edition:
2 DVD set: ¥5,750 ($56.51)
Regular: ¥5,250 ($51.60)

Limited Ed: ¥6,750 ($66.34)
Regular: ¥6,250 ($61.43)
* Prices are in yen, in parenthesis USD

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