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Official Facebook page ☆ Anne Watanabe
Posted: 11.06.2014 //

The drama, Hanasaki Mai Ga Damattenai finished shooting yesterday, and I went to Ikuta studio!
[Countering] Anne-san’s 2 shots @ Hanasaki are here (Nishino Kana’s blog)
As for the drama, tonight is the 11th semifinal!

Kana’s Diary ☆ With All Due Respect!
Posted: 11.06.2014 // 13:30:56

Yesterday I celebrated the crank up [viewership] of 「Hanasaki Mai Ga Damattenai」, I have also interfered with the shooting studio.
[The people] you see all time on TV are: Anne-san, Kamikawa Takaya-san, Tsukaji Muga-san, Osugi Ren-san, Takaaki Enoki-san, came to the studio, and it has been very exciting!!

It turns out that I saw the shooting of the drama for the first time,
The front of the set and tavern signs was used in the actual shooting of “Tokyo First Bank”, the father of Hanasaki Mai actually manages it. It was interesting to me. o_o

When I looked closely, I obtained Mr. Producer’s words, saying, “You may go into inside!”, I was then allowed to sit on the counter shrewdly, yet I had to take a picture with Anne-san starring [in] >.<.

It’s so extravagant.

Everyone in the cast and drama officials, thank you very much, in that..
I was able to have a very precious experience

“Hanasaki Mai Ga Damattenai”, episode 9 will be at 10:00 tonight~

And on the 18th, next week will be the last time finally!!

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