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Another translated good coming at ya! Enjoy lovelies and read the disclaimer!

Please note that I am not fluent in Japanese, at best, my knowledge is at an intermediate level, with that please bear with me! If you see any mistakes or grammatical errors please comment below or in the Chatbox with what mistake(s) I made and I will correct it promptly. ♥

Kana’s Diary ☆ Music Station Yesterday
Posted: 24.05.2014 // 13:16:22

Thank you everyone who watched Music Station yesterday! I changed T-shirts after I finished singing.

DKNY Donna Karan — it was a mesh material although I did not get a chance to describe the clothes’ beauty yesterday 🙂
With shoes ♥

New Song「We Don’t Stop」, I will be singing [it] in various programs. Please check it out!!

Kana’s Diary ☆ New song release & distribution start!
Posted: 20.05.2014 // 21:13:21

Thank you everyone who watched KANA CHANNEL [at] 1.p.m.

And finally
New single, 「We Don’t Stop」will be released Wednesday the 21st at last!!
Full Chaka-uta (ringtone), PC, and smartphone are also Wednesday 21st at 00:00~distributing start 🙂
Recochoku page here

The limited edition of the CD is a digest video of the fan club tour,「The Nishino Family Party 2013」final public performance held in fall of last year. It’s the first time a DVD has contained this. Please be sure to check it out.